Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Educational Society
"Promote education & learning in true sprite"
D r. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Educational Society is a non-profit making charitable educational society establish in Golden year 2002. Brainchild of captains of industry and academicians, the society has a vision to evolve knowledge centers of excellence in education, training, research and consultancy in various fields, thereby adding values to the corporate, society, community, the nation at large and across the glove.




Welcome all the students in Doon Pharmacy Research Institute. I promised to all students to provide them world class facility in the campus. All the Labs and laboratories are well equipped with all modern & High-Tech equipments. We are sure that the education and skills that you acquire from our institution as a student would equip you for a life personal and professional achievements and thereby contributes to the enrichments of society and the nation. In higher education, quality of education and environment are very important aspects.

One of the most important in the minds of new entrants, as they join a course, is employment avenues and placement potential of the course. Our aim is to train the students, armed with the ability to work effectively and efficiently, across professional boundaries , so that they can emerge as leaders and innovators in their chosen professions. Wish you al I a very bright academic future.

Ch. Inder Singh Sangwan


All the students from various parts of India have greater opportunities in the field of Education. In Doon Pharmacy Research Institute. we care of all students and provide modern facilities like high-tech Computer, good labs, Digital Library with smart card faci lity etc. The academics at Doon Pharmacy Research Institute have been designed and tailored as a better response to the constantly evolving technological and social needs of the country, considering all aspects of growth and modernization We build with perfection to serve future.

Ch. Parveen Singh